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HRRA REALTOR® of the Year

The REALTOR®  of the year award is the most prestigious award a local association can bestow on a REALTOR®. To win REALTOR® of the year, an agent must be nominated by their peers (they cannot self-nominate) and they are evaluated by not only their sales volume, but their service to the local, state and national REALTOR® organizations, their volunteerism in the community, civic impact, their commitment to advanced education, ethical behaviors, and finally the REALTOR®  Spirit. The REALTOR®  Spirit can be defined as deep commitment to the Code of Ethics, who puts client above self, who lends a hand to another REALTOR® and is bound to the ideals and aspirational goals of the preamble to our REALTOR®  Code of Ethics.

REALTOR®  of the Year by date
Please note that the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association was created by merging multiple smaller associations together as one, therefore there may be more than one REALTOR® of the Year listed.

2023 Sherry Snyder
2022 Emil Nazaryn
2021 Jackie Feagin
2020 Mary Ross-Ellsworth
2019 Donn Irby
2018 Dora Lee Taylor
2017 Barbara Sgueglia
2016 Jeremy Caleb Johnson
2015 Deborah Baisden
2014 Dayla Brooks
2013 Jennifer Cool
2012 Mary Foster
2011 Charlee Gowin
2010 Dawn Crawford-Peebles
2009 Susan Rowe Horwitz
2008 Greta Wiltz
2007 Jay Mitchell
2006 Walter M. Rein
2005 Tom Duckett
2004 Deborah S. Lesyshyn
2003 Linda Fox-Jarvais
2003 Fred Helm
2002 Nicki Inglis
2002 Sissy Kilpatrick
2001 Clyde Cooper, Jr.
2001 Donn Irby
2000 Henrietta Anchetta
2000 Kelly Hollowell
1999 Deborah Baisden
1999 Buddy Huskey
1999 Hope Roots
1998 Charlee Gowin
1998 W. Jerald George
1998 Mary Ross Ellsworth
1997 Bob Anderson
1997 Teddy Reed
1997 Robert Bain
1996 Judith R. Thaler
1996 Gary Crumpler
1995 Anne Runaldue
1995 Lindy Anderson
1995 Dale Scott
1994 Susan Murphy
1994 Karen Seymour
1993 Gerry Sessor
1993 Priscilla B. Lemoyne
1992 B.J. Basnight
1992 Bert Morrison
1991 Gary Crawford
1991 William Sheldon
1990 Barbara Shaughnessy
1990 Linda Drelick
1989 Caroline McCartney
1989 Joyce L. Duck
1988 Cam Templeton-White
1988 Margaret Q. Hagwood
1987 Jerry Katzmann
1987 James A. O’Keefe
1986 Pat Steele
1985 Nancy Koch
1985 W. Jerald George
1985 Susan Rowe- Horwitz
1984 Mandy Yoder
1984 Rachel Benze
1983 Anne Runaldue
1983 Ted Bowen
1982 John Savino
1982 William H. Kline
1981 Jack Haworth
1981 Ted Nettles
1980 Pauline Going
1979 Marjorie A. Carmody
1978 Paige M. Taylor
1977 Edna B. Robbins
1976 Jay D. Ketchum
1975 Janet Jeffers
1974 F. Elwood Long
1973 Leon M. Coppedge
1972 Elizabeth S. Kneas
1971 Robert A. Jones
1970 John B. Sasser
1969 Cecil E. Jones
1968 John B. Sasser
1967 Burrell R. Johnson
1966 No Selection
1965 Bernard Levitin
1964 Evelyn Gift
1963 Burnice L. Sawyer
1962 Herbert E. Robinson, Jr.
1961 Charles Aberson
1960 Irvin Cohen