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Property Managers typically do not list and sell property, instead they manage rental properties for property owners actively working with tenants. A property manager can manage strictly residential properties or they manage multi-family properties such as apartment complexes. The criteria for this award is quite different than the criteria for REALTOR® of the Year. Rather than sales volume, the Distinguished Property Manager (DPM) must meet a specific level of gross management and leasing fees. While the REALTOR® of the Year is evaluated on their commitment to advanced education, the DPM must also have that commitment but must meet a minimum level of educational courses/sessions per year. REALTOR® Spirit as well as service to the organization and community are also taken into account. The Distinguished Property Management of the Year award commenced in 2008.

Distinguished Property Managers of the Year

2023 Victoria Hudson
2022 Remona Murmillo
2021 Phil Kazmierczak
2020 Catrina Watson
2019 Lee S. Halyard
2018 James Moffat
2017 Lisa Saunders
2016 Laurie W. Locklear
2015 Kathleen Burchfield
2013 Jan Rucinski
2011 Maily Roberts-Jacobs
2010 Gladys Fain
2009 Dawn Crawford-Peebles
2008 Jan Rucinski