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Global Real Estate Advisory Group

Global Real Estate Advisory Group

HRRA is fortunate to have such a diverse group of REALTORS® with various backgrounds and experience, who can lead and participate on a Global Real Estate Advisory Group. We have ports, a NATO presence, international businesses (and the consumers that business brings with it), and economic and development entities to partner with that can provide, as well as receive, valuable resources. The growing global nature of the real estate business convinced HRRA to provide this forum that is so desperately needed in our local area.

2019 Leadership

  • Chair: Lila Olson
  • Co-Chairs: Sandra Burton, Jamie Nichols and Dawn Miller
  • HRRA Staff: Mel Fournier

Purpose and Mission

Virginia's Hampton Roads TOP Facts and Rankings

GREAG's focus is education for local businesses, government entities, the military, consumers and, HRRA's REALTORS® and Affiliates. Meetings are open to any HRRA member who is interested in dealing with foreign nationals, both locally and abroad.

GREAG will provide informational seminars related to doing business with local foreign nationals, offering educational sessions on multiple international-focused topics, and be a resource to the community.

Bilingual REALTORS®

HRRA maintains a listing of agents in the local area who are fluent in multiple languages, as a resource for the homebuying and selling public. (If you would like to be added, please email info@hrra.com)

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